Venona Code Names and Encryption

The NKVD rezidenturas in New York, Washington, and San Francisco used code names to refer to case officers, agents, places, targets, and even personnel in Moscow. For example, a cable from the Washington rezidentura to Foreign Intelligence chief Pavel Fitin would be signed Maksim (Zarubin) and would be addressed to Viktor (Fitin). Sometimes humor entered into the designations: Boris Moros, an agent in Los Angeles and later an FBI agent, was referred to in code as “Frost.” The Russian word Moroz means “Frost.”
Venona Code Name Real Name
Ales Alger Hiss
Babylon San Francisco
Caliber David Greenglass
Camp 2 Los Alamos
Clever Girl Elizabeth Bentley
Liszt John Carincross
Carthage Washington, D.C.
Compatriot Communist Party member
Enormoz (Enormous) Nuclear weapons program
Father Earl Browder
Funicular Atom bomb
Gus (Goose) Harry Gold
Helmsman Earl Browder
Homer (Gomer) Donald Maclean
Hotel Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
Koch Douglas Chaplin Lee
Izba (Hut) Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Kaptan (Captain) President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Lawyer Harry Dexter White
Venona Code Name Real Name
Leslie Leona Cohen
Liberal/Antenna Julius Rosenberg
Lira Anna Louise Strong
Madchen (Maiden) Guy Burgess
Maksim Vasily Zarubin
Moliere John Carincross
Mlad (Youth) Ted Hall
Son Rudy Baker
Star (Old) Saville Sax
Probationers Agents
Polecats Zionists
Raymond Harry Gold
Rats Trotskyites
Richard Harry Dexter White
Rest Klaus Fuchs
Robert/Pal Nathan Silvermaster
Sohlchen (Little Son) Kim Philby
Tyre New York City
Vardo Elizaveta Zarubina
Volunteer Morris Cohen
Wasp Ruth Greenglass

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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